There are two ways in which you can connect a Shopify Store to the API: from your Shopify account and from you API account. 

Connect a Shopify store from Shopify

1 . Start by logging in into your Shopify account and installing the Picanova API app. You can find it in the App Store or by following this link . 

2. Install the app. 

3. After clicking on "Install unlisted app " you will be forwarded to the API log in page. If you already have an account, please sing in, otherwise, chose a password for your account. 

4. After you logged in, click on "Stores" in the left side menu. You should now be able to see your shop. Click on "Manage" to set it up. 

5. Chose your selling region. For help on how to chose your selling region please check

6. In the next step, click "Create product" to chose your articles. 

7. Select the product,  then hit "Continue". 

8. Chose from the available formats and click on "Start Designing" for the sizes you wish to include in your store. 

9. Upload the image you wish to use, adjust it accordingly and click "Create product" . 

10. Click "Publish" to add the product to your Articles list or chose "Create Product" to add more articles. 

11. You will be then asked to set up your billing. Please insert your details in the "Add a credit/ debit card" window. 

12.  Following billing information, please set up your store details. These can be also changed from setting later. 

13. The last step into setting up your store is to Switch on the "Go live" button. Once the grid is green, your store is live. For more information on how to go live please follow 

Connect your Shopify store from API

1. Choose "Stores" from the left side menu and then click on "Create Store" 

2. Choose  "Connect your Shopify Store" option. 

3. Insert your store name and click "Connect" 

4. In the next step, you will be forwarded to Shopify. For instructions from there on, please follow the steps described above, starting from Step 2. "Install the app." .